Geography Bowl and Spelling Bees

Geography Bowl

The Regional Office of Education #33 has been hosting the Knox County Geography Bowl since 1996. The Geography Bowl will occur on a Saturday in the spring, with the location rotating year to year between participating schools.

There are two divisions:

  • Elementary
  • Junior High

The Elementary School Teams consist of grades 3-5, while the Junior High Teams consist of grades 6-8. Teams consist of 5 players and up to 5 alternates.

The competition is held entirely within one day and will be conducted as a tournament depending on the number of teams present. Each round includes 20 questions with topics ranging from local to world geography. The competition is conducted using Quizz-o-matic Buzzers (or Scholastic Bowl buzzers).  Five students from each team will start the match designated as either student A, B, C, D, or E. The Quizmaster will introduce the round and ask the first question. If a student knows the answer, he or she will buzz in; if answered correctly, their team will be awarded 20 points; if answered incorrectly, their team will be deducted 10 points. With an incorrect answer, the student with the corresponding letter on the other team (Student A, B, C, D, or E) will have the opportunity to answer. No points will be deducted for an incorrect answer, but 20 will be awarded for a correct answer. This continues for 20 questions. When a student answers 3 questions correctly, another student must be substituted in for the rest of the match. The team with the most points at the end of the 20 questions wins the round.

The Geography Bowl is a great extracurricular activity for all children looking to explore their talents and compete in an activity outside of sports. We highly recommend providing this opportunity in your district. In order to have a team, you should establish one or two coaches for each division. Then, they will determine how to select the 10 participants (there can be alternates for the Geography Bowl, but only 10 students can participate during the competition.) Leading up to the Geography Bowl, coaches should hold practices for the participants to learn the rules and procedures and practice sample questions. Students should be prepared to answer questions about rivers, landmarks, US and global capitals, directions, local trivia, and a variety of other geography topics/facts. Elementary questions will have a higher concentration of US geography, while Junior High will have more world geography.

Date: TBA

County Spelling Bees

The Regional Office of Education organizes the annual regional spelling bee for Henderson, Knox, Mercer and Warren counties.

  • Mercer County Bee - TBA
  • Knox County Bee TBA
  • Henderson/Warren County Bee -TBA

For additional information, visit the Scripps Spelling Bee site 

Knox County 5th Grade Outdoor Education Day

Outdoor Education Day is an annual event which gives students an opportunity to get out of the classroom and enjoy the outdoors.  A variety of "hands-on" educational wildlife stations are provided for the students.  Some of the many stations include fishing, butterflies, geocaching, recycling, aquatics, outdoor adventures and nutrition.

​Save the Date:  TBA