Monmouth Office
105 North E St.
Monmouth IL 61462

(309) 734-6822

Galesburg Office
121 S. Prairie St.
Galesburg IL 61401

(309) 345-3828

Lori Loving, Assistant Regional Superintendent of Schools

Jodi L. Scott, Regional Superintendent of Schools 

Hope Neal

Family Literacy Coordinator/ Parent Educator Birth- Age 3

Bart Arthur

Coordinator for Cooperative

Education Work Grant

Heather Gooding

Parent Educator

Birth- Age 3

Margaritta Perez

Family Literacy/ Birth ~ Age 3 Classroom Educator

Naomi Ramage

Adult Education Instructor

Kim Bonds

Early Childhood Administrative Assistant

Julie Agar

21st CCLC

Site Coordinator

Anne Chatterton-Abbott

Edgenuity Coordinator


Marissa Hartman

Literacy Coordinator 0-3 Classroom Educator

Ashlee Spannagel

CTE System Director/

Consultant Licensure-

Health & Safety ​Compliance

Ledith Whitehall

Early Childhood Teacher

Julia Burns

Professional Development

Terri Copeland

RAES West Teacher

Sue Washington

RAES East Secretary/Aide

Marian Hjelmgren

Delabar/ROE 33 Administrative


Chris Bailey

Parent Educator

Birth- Age 3

Ronell Taft

Parent Educator

Birth- Age 3

Tammie Miller

Administrative Assistant

Julia Bernardi

RAES East Instructor

Tom Olson

Carthage Campus HSE Instructor

Jessica Ruppert

West EFL Evening Instructor

Lucas Robinson

RAES Instructor

Renata Conway

Parent Educator

​Birth- Age 3

Nicolette Fox

Parent Educator

Birth- Age 3

Amy Gipe

Parent Educator Supervisor Birth- Age 3

Michelle Shepler

Edgenuity Coordinator


Lori Loving

Assistant Regional Superintendent of Schools

​Jessica Smith

Preschool Parent Educator

Alexis Batchelder

Parent Educator

Birth- Age 3

Randi Dixon

Parent Educator

Birth- Age 5

Angie Torrance
Family Services Director

Birth- Age 3

Joseph Range

East/West Support Staff

Faunda Reed

Parent Educator


Birth~ Age 3

Renee Lozier

Parent Educator Ages 3-5

Jodi Scott

Regional Superintendent

of Schools

Becky Blake

Parent Educator

Birth- Age 3

Tara Case

Family Services Assistant Director

Birth- Age 3

Mary Schuytema

East/West Evening HSE Instructor

Kisha Boyd

21st CCLC

Site Coordinator

Jana Cavanaugh

21st CCLC

Project Director and Human Resources Coordinator

Lorenzo Pugh

Project Stay-In Truancy Intervention/ Homeless Liaison

Kang Hee Hong

EFL Instructor and Coordinator

Linda Housewright

Early Childhood

Instructional Coach

Jodi Forrester

Executive Administrative


Heather Stockdale

Administrative Assistant

Brittany Lane Steiner

RAES East EFL Instructor

Elena Rodriguez

Center Based

Birth-Age 3

Carey Thacker

Adult Education Coordinator

Megan Weese-Harbor

​21st CCLC Site Coordinator

Jessica Jones

RAES East ESL Instructor

Chris Olson

Parent Educator

Birth~ Age 3

Nick Stoneking


Regional Alternative Educational Services

Amy Fullerton

Early Childhood Director Ages 3-5

Janel Young

Early Childhood Teacher/

Parent Educator Ages 3-5

Stephanie Johnson


Julie Lant


Evan Walton

Technology Specialist/


Josh Corbin

Student Services Coordinator/

Adult Volunteer


Doug Dennison

21st CCLC Site Coordinator

Janine Harkness

Homeless/Truancy Intervention

Mary Lewis

RAES West 

Student Services Coordinator

Rebecca Petentler

Parent Educator

Ages 3-5

Jenifer Sharp

​Parent Educator

​Birth- Age 3

Shelley Ashbaugh

21st CCLC

Site Coordinator

Emily Henry

Parent Educator Birth - Age 5