Naomi Ramage

Adult Education Instructor

Kim Bonds

Early Childhood Administrative Assistant

Doug Dennison

21st CCLC Site Coordinator

Kae Tedford

Administrative Assistant

Janine Harkness

Homeless/Truancy Intervention

Mary Lewis

RAES West Instructor

Michele Carmichael

Behavioral Health Consultant

Rebecca Petentler

Parent Educator

Ages 3-5

Emily Henry

Parent Educator Birth - Age 5

Ledith Whitehall

Early Childhood Teacher

Terri Copeland

RAES West Teacher

Sue Washington

RAES East Secretary/Aide

Jana Cavanaugh

21st CCLC Project Director and Human Resources Coordinator

Lorenzo Pugh

Project Stay-In Truancy Intervention/ Homeless Liaison

Kang Hee Hong

EFL Instructor and Coordinator

Linda Housewright

Early Childhood

Instructional Coach

Debbie Smith

Parent Educator Supervisor

Birth- Age 3

Chris Bailey

Parent Educator

Birth- Age 3

Ronell Taft

Parent Educator

Birth- Age 3

Tammie Miller

Administrative Assistant

Brittany Steiner

RAES East EFL Instructor

Carey Thacker

Adult Education Coordinator

Megan Weese-Harbor

​21st CCLC Site Coordinator

Jessica Jones

RAES East ESL Instructor

Lucas Robinson

RAES Instructor

Don Daily

Consultant Licensure-Health/Life Safety-Compliance

Amber Springer

Parent Educator

Birth- Age 3

Chris Olson

Parent Educator

Birth~ Age 3

Nick Stoneking


Regional Alternative Educational Services

Amy Fullerton

Early Childhood Director Ages 3-5

Janel Young

Early Childhood Teacher/

Parent Educator Ages 3-5

Renata Conway

Parent Educator

​Birth- Age 3

Nicolette Fox

Parent Educator

Birth- Age 3

Stephanie Johnson

Parent Educator

Julie Lant


Amy Gipe

Parent Educator Supervisor Birth- Age 3

Michelle Shepler

Parent Educator

Birth- Age 3

Lori Loving

Assistant Regional Superintendent of Schools

​Jessica Smith

Preschool Parent Educator

Alexis Batchelder

Parent Educator

Birth- Age 3

Randi Dixon

Parent Educator

Birth- Age 5

Angie Torrance
Family Services Director

Birth- Age 3

Faunda Reed

Parent Educator Supervisor Birth~ Age 3

Renee Lozier

Parent Educator Ages 3-5

Jodi Scott

Regional Superintendent of Schools

Becky Blake

Parent Educator

Birth- Age 3

Monmouth Office
105 North E St.
Monmouth IL 61462

(309) 734-6822

Galesburg Office
121 S. Prairie St.
Galesburg IL 61401

(309) 345-3828

Jodi L. Scott, Regional Superintendent of Schools 

Lori Loving, Assistant Regional Superintendent of Schools

Josh Corbin

Student Services Coordinator/

Adult Volunteer Coordinator

Hope Neal

Family Literacy Coordinator/ Parent Educator Birth- Age 3

Bart Arthur

Coordinator for Cooperative

Education Work Grant

Heather Gooding

Parent Educator

Birth- Age 3

Ginger Taylor

RAES West Administrative Assistant

Tara Case

Family Services Assistant Director

Birth- Age 3

Adelaide Norzagaray

Family Literacy Associate/ Birth- Age 3 Teacher

Lance Neal

Adult Education Instructor

Jenifer Sharp

​Parent Educator

​Birth- Age 3

Shelley Ashbaugh

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