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Truancy Procedures

The Henderson-Knox-Mercer-Warren Counties Regional Office of Education provides Truancy Intervention and Prevention to potential truants, truants, and chronic truants.  The goal is to work directly with these students and their families to prevent truant behavior.

Participating school districts identify and refer students. The Stay--In program operates on the premise that dealing with kindergarten through twelfth grade student's attendance and/or academic problems will result in the student improving school attendance and/or academic performance, which will eventually result in the acquisition of a high school diploma.

Truancy staff identify students through system of  referrals by the participating school district, which then initiates steps that lead to the following: 

Step 1:  Upon the student receiving 3 unexcused absences the Parent/Guardian will be sent Letter 1.

Step 2:  Upon the student receiving 6 unexcused absences the Parent/Guardian will be sent Letter 2.

Step 3:  Upon the student receiving 9 unexcused absences a citation for truancy will be written.  


Step 4:   Upon the student receiving 12 unexcused absences the Parent/Guardian will be sent Letter 3.

Step 5:    Upon the 15th unexcused absence the Student, Parent/Guardian will be sent a Legal Notice to Appear before the Truancy Review Board in the County they reside.

Step 6:  Upon any additional unexcused absences after the Truancy Review Board a petition to the State Attorney of the County resided in will be filed.

Illinois Compulsory  Attendance Law

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Truancy Intervention and Homeless Liaison

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Truancy Intervention and Homeless Liaison

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