Early Childhood Program (Preschool)

Welcome to the Early Childhood Program

A Preschool For All program for your child...
A Family Experience for Everyone
Brought to you by the Regional Office of Education #33 and funded through the Early Childhood Block Grant

The Early Childhood Program Believes.....

  •     That families, schools, and communities should unite as one in the education of our children.
  •     In developmentally age appropriate experiences that focuses on social/emotional  language and pre-literacy development.
  •     Individual needs must always be met first.
  •     That all children have the opportunity to participate in authentic learning experiences that enhance their innate love of learning..

District and Community Preschool For All and Expansion Programs funded through Early Childhood Block Grant

Abingdon/Avon CUSD #276

  •     Avon Elementary
  •     Hedding Grade School

Galesburg CUSD #205

  •     Bright Futures

Knoxville CUSD #202

  •     Mable Woolsey Elementary

Mercer County CUSD #404

  •     Apollo Elementary School
  •     Jr High School/Preschool
  •     New Boston Elementary School

Monmouth/Roseville CUSD #238

  •     Lincoln EC School
  •     M/R Junior High School

Regional Office of Education #33

  •     YMCA Children's School (Aledo)
  •     Lutheran Preschool & Daycare Center (Monmouth)


  •     ROWVA Central Elementary School

United CUSD #304

  •     United High School
  •     United Elementary North
  •     United Elementary West

West Central CUSD #235

  •     West Central Elementary School

Williamsfield CUSD #210‚Äč

  •     Williamsfield School

Disctrict and Community Preschool for All and Expansion Programs offer:

  1.     Family Events

  2.     Family Communications: Newsletters/Social Media/Websites

  3.     Personal Visits

  4.     Field Trips

  5.     Parent-Teacher Conferences

  6.     Preschool Advisory Council with Family Leadership Opportunities

  7.     Open Door Classroom Policy

  8.     Behavioral Health Services

  9.     Family Education Opportunities

  10.     Ongoing Portfolio Assessment

  11.     Family Goal Support

  12.     Developmental Screenings including Hearing, Vision, and Dental

  13.     Resources and Referrals

  14.     Kindergarten Transition Support