Early Childhood Preschool Program

The Regional Office of Education #33's Early Childhood Preschool Program is a partnership between ROE #33, nine districts, and two childcare centers.

The focus is to support preschool families in creating a positive foundation for their child's learning. 

This program believes it is important to allow children to encounter learning through hands-on play experiences while supporting each child's individual development with an emphasis on social-emotional needs.

What We Offer

  • Developmental Screenings
  • Hearing, Vision, and Dental Screenings
  • Family Education and Engagement
  • Personal Visits
  • Family Goal Setting and Support
  • Community Resources and Referrals
  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Preschool Advisory Council with Family Leadership Opportunities
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Open Door Classroom Policy
  • Ongoing Portfolio Assessment
  • Field Trips
  • Family Events and Communications

Program Specifics

  • Research-Based Learning
  • Social-Emotional Curriculum
  • Developmental Progress Portfolios
  • Classroom Instructional Support
  • Homelessness Services
  • English Language Learner Support
  • Special Education Services
  • Behavioral Health and Wellness
  • Family Strengthening
  • Parent Leadership Opportunities
  • Nutritional Meals and Snacks
  • Kindergarten Transition Support
Discovery Depot

FREE Discovery Depot
Toddler Tuesday
Every 3rd Tuesday of the Month 5:30pm-7pm

FREE Activities Provided for Birth-5


Our mission is to serve our schools and communities by providing educational resources, partnerships, and opportunities.

Partnering School Districts and Childcare Classroom Locations

Abingdon/Avon CUSD #276

  •     Avon Elementary
  •     Hedding Grade School

Galesburg CUSD #205

  •     Bright Futures

Knoxville CUSD #202

  •     Mable Woolsey Elementary

Mercer County CUSD #404

  •     Apollo Elementary School
  •     Jr High School/Preschool
  •     New Boston Elementary School

Monmouth/Roseville CUSD #238

  •     Lincoln EC School
  •     M/R Junior High School

Regional Office of Education #33

  •     YMCA Children's School (Aledo)


  •     ROWVA Central Elementary School

United CUSD #304

  •     United High School
  •     United Elementary North
  •     United Elementary West

West Central CUSD #235

  •     West Central Elementary School

Williamsfield CUSD #210‚Äč

  •     Williamsfield School

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