Staff Directory

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ROE 33 Superintendents


Jodi Scott, Regional Superintendent of Schools

Lori Loving

Lori Loving, Assistant Regional Superintendent of Schools

ROE 33 Staff
Rachael Allaman

Rachael Allaman, Adult ESL Instructor

Bart Arthur
Bart Arthur, Coordinator for Cooperative Education Work Grant
Shelley Ashbaugh
Shelley Ashbaugh, 21st CCLC Site Coordinator
Brandy Ashby

Brandy Ashby, Early Childhood Center-Based Infant/ Toddler Instructional Coach

Alexis Batchelder
Alexis Batchelder, Early Childhood Prenatal- Age 3 Knox County Family Educator Supervisor
Jenica Ball
Jenica Ball, Truancy Case Manager
Becky Blake

Becky Blake, Assistant Bookkeeper

Kim Bonds

Kim Bonds, Early Childhood Administrative Assistant

Tara Case

Tara Case, Director of Family Services Prenatal- Age 3

Jana Cavanaugh

Jana Cavanaugh, Director of 21st CCLC Programs/HR

Andrea Churchill
Andrea Churchill, Early Childhood Preschool Family Educator
Renata Conway

Renata Conway, Early Childhood Prenatal - Age 3, Family Educator

Josh Corbin

Josh Corbin, RAES Assistant Director

Doug Dennison

Doug Dennison, 21st CCLC Site Coordinator

Jessica Donaldson

Jessica Donaldson, Director of Behavioral Health

Skylar Duncan

Skylar Duncan, Early Childhood Prenatal - 3 Family Educator

Lindsey Beighle

Lindsey Dunn, 21st CCLC Site Coordinator

Ashley Evans

Annie Fancher, Bookkeeper

Deanna Ferrigan

Deanna Ferrigan, Adult Education Bridge Coordinator

Autmn Fletcher

Autmn Fletcher, Adult ESL Instructor

Jodi Forrester

Jodi Forrester, Executive Administrative Assistant

Nicolette Fox

Nicolette Fox, RAES East Edgenuity Coordinator

Amy Fullerton

Amy Fullerton, Director of Early Childhood Preschool

Mary Beth Giddings

Mary Beth Giddings, Truancy Intervention/Prevention Specialist

Amy Gipe

Amy Gipe, Early Childhood Prenatal - Age 3
Henderson, Mercer & Warren County Family Educator Supervisor

Heather Gooding

Heather Gooding, Early Childhood Prenatal - Age 3 Family Educator

Sara Gray

Sara Gray, 21st CCLC Site Coordinator

Janine Harkness

Janine Harkness, Homeless/Truancy Intervention

Stephanie Harrison

Stephanie Harrison, Professional Development Coordinator

Marissa Hartman

Marissa Hartman, Literacy Coordinator 0-3 Classroom Educator

Kang Hee Hong

Kang Hee Hong, Director of Adult Education

Emily Henry

Emily Henry, Assistant Director of Early Childhood/Preschool Family Educator

Rhonda Hillyer

Rhonda Hillyer, Early Childhood Prenatal - 3yrs Behavioral Health Consultant/
Early Childhood Community Systems Coordinator

Linda Housewright

Linda Housewright, Early Childhood Preschool Instructional Coach

Kathryn Jennings

Kathryn Jennings, Director of ROE Services

Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie Johnson, RAES Support Staff

Keisha Jones

Keisha Jones, Early Childhood Prenatal - Age 3 Family Educator

Allison Kallenbach

Allison Kallenbach, Early Childhood Prenatal- Age 3 Family Educator

Sarah Kayser

Meo Kyser, Early Childhood Prenatal- Age 3 Family Educator

Julie Lant

Julie Lant, Bookkeeper

Brittany Lumberry

Brittany Lumberry, RAES West Instructor

Melissa Nicholas

Melissa M. McNicholas, Early Childhood Preschool Behavioral Health Consultant

Melissa McCants

Mellissa McNicholas, Early Childhood Prenatal - Age 3 Instructional Coach

Mitch McVey
Mitchell McVey, RAES Instructor
Joe McQueen

Joe McQueen, Director of Regional Alternative Education Services / Homeless and Truancy

Megan McQueen

Megan McQueen, Early Childhood Prenatal - Age 3 Family Educator

Stacy Merry

Stacy Merry, Early Childhood Preschool Family Educator

Tammie Miller

Tammie Miller, Administrative Assistant


Angie Millizer, Early Childhood Preschool Program - Program Support

Dean Millizer

Dean Millizer, Custodian

Jacquelyn Mullins

Jacquelyn Mullins, Early Childhood Prenatal- Age 3 Family Educator

Hope Neal

Hope Neal, Early Childhood Prenatal- Age 3 Family Educator/Family Literacy Director

Emily Nichols

Emily Nichols, Early Childhood Prenatal- Age 3 Family Educator

Chris Olson

Chris Olson, Early Childhood Prenatal - Age 3 Family Educator

Nikola Pavlovic
Nikola Pavlovic, RAES GED Instructor
Margaritta Perez
Margaritta Perez, Family Literacy 0-3 Classroom Teacher
Alysia Poulos

Alysia Poulos, Behavioral Health Family Support Specialist

Lorenzo Pugh

Lorenzo Pugh, Project Stay-In Truancy Intervention/ Homeless Liaison

Naomi Ramage

Naomi Ramage, HSE Instructor

Jeremy Randolph

Jeremy Randolph, RAES East Instructor

Faunda Reed

Faunda Reed, Early Childhood Preschool Family Educator

Melissa Rousey
Melissa Rousey, Human Resources/21st CCLC Administrative Assistant
Anita Rutzen
Anita Rutzen, HSE Online Instructor
Jenifer Sharp

Jenifer Sharp, Assistant Director of Family Services Prenatal- Age 3


Heather Shepard, Early Childhood Preschool Family Educator

Michelle Shepler

Michelle Shepler, RAES Assistant Director

Amy Snell

Amy Snell, 21st CCLC Site Coordinator

Brittany Stegall

Brittany Stegall, Licensure Officer/Administrative Assistant

Brittany Lane Steiner

Lane Steiner, Adult ESL Instructor/Adult Volunteer Literacy Coordinator

Kayla Stewart
Kayla Stewart, RAES Instructor
Ashley Swank

Ashley Swank, Early Childhood Prenatal - Age 3 Family Educator

Ronell Taft

Ronell Taft, Early Childhood Center-Based Prenatal - Age 3 Family Educator

Emilia Tygrett

Emilia Tygrett, RAES Support Staff

Evan Walton

Evan Walton, Technology Specialist

Sue Washington

Sue Washington, RAES East Secretary/Aide

Kelsey Wherley

Kelsey Wherley, Education Pathway Coordinator

Melinda Whiteman

Melinda Whiteman, RAES/Adult Education Administrative Assistant

Ledith Whitehall

Ledith Whitehall, Early Childhood Preschool Teacher

Hailey Worden
Hailey Worden, Early Childhood Center-Based Infant/Toddler Teacher
Mark Zhorne

Mark Zhorne, RAES West Instructor