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The specific purpose of the General Educational Development (GED) Tests is
the measurement of the educational development of adults who have not completed their formal high school education. Adults may earn a High School Equivalency Certificate and thus qualify for admission to colleges or other educational institutions, meet educational requirements for employment or promotion, satisfy educational qualifications for induction into the armed services, fulfill requirements of local or state licensing boards, or gain personal satisfaction.

IMPORTANT: Testing on the 2002 Series GED Test is no longer available. If you did not pass all 5 tests on or before Tuesday, December 31, 2013, you must start over with the new GED 2014 Test Program. To begin, you must create a new account at

Basic Information about the 2014 GED® Tests:

1. Eligibility
An individual is eligible to take the GED Test given they meet all of the following conditions:

  •     is 17 years of age or older*
  •     does not have a high school diploma or GED credential
  •     is a resident of the State of Illinois

2. Registering for the GED
Registering for the GED Test You can register online to take the computer based GED Test at or register online for the paper-based HiSet GED at All testing fees must be paid at the time of scheduling.

For more information regarding registration, visit or contact ROE #33 at 309-734-6822.
3. Costs
The cost to take the GED tests is $30 per test module. A total of 4 test modules comprise the GED Test. Test fees must be paid at the time of registration.

An additional fee will be required by the Regional Office of Education for the county of residence in order to obtain an Illinois High School Equivalency Certificate ($10) and/or an official transcript of GED scores ($10) after successful completion of the GED tests and the Illinois Constitution test.

4. GED Test Subjects
The entire 4-module 2014 GED test will be about 8 1/4 hours long with the timing as follows:

  •     Reasoning through Language Arts is 150 minutes (including a 10-minute break)
  •     Mathematical Reasoning is 115 minutes
  •     Science is 90 minutes
  •     Social Studies is 70 minutes

A minimum score of 150 is required for each test module (600 overall) to obtain high school equivalency.
In addition to the four GED subject tests, Illinois residents are required to satisfactorily complete the high-school level Illinois State Constitution Exam or provide proof of completion. This test is pass/fail.

5. GED Transcripts and Certificates
To request your Illinois High School Equivalency Certificate and/or Official GED Transcript, you must contact the ROE #33  when you completed GED testing. (The fee to obtain a certificate is $10 and it is $10 for an official transcript. Please do not send cash in the mail.) If you have not yet taken the high school level Constitution Test, contact the ROE #33 for more information on where you can register to do so. Phone: 309-734-6822 Email: or

6. Constitution Tests
In order to earn an Illinois High School Equivalency Certificate, you must take and pass the Constitution test as required by Illinois Compiled Statutes - School Code (105 ILCS 5/27-3) in addition to passing the four parts of the GED test. There is no fee to take the Constitution Test and it may be taken at any time. Contact the ROE #33 at 309-734-6822 or email or

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