Health, Life, Safety

Each of the 4000 public school buildings and school related buildings in the state is inspected annually to assure compliance with the minimum standards necessary to ensure the health and safety of public school students in Illinois, according to Building Specifications for Health and Safety in Public Schools. By law, school districts must maintain public schools to the minimum standard. Annual inspection results from each building are available at the Regional Office of Education. A summary report is filed annually with the Illinois State Board of Education as required by law.

Every 10 years all public school buildings must be resurveyed by an architect licensed by the State of Illinois. All work necessary to bring the building into compliance with minimum standards is noted. Upon completion of outlined work, compliance is verified by the district and architect in a report filed with the Regional Office of Education.

The Regional Office of Education is also responsible, through the Regional Superintendent of Schools, for statutory compliance with established standards in the construction and remodeling of public school buildings. The Regional Superintendent assures school board approval by resolution of construction plans, review of construction plans for code compliance, issuance of the building permit, and upon review, issuance of school occupancy permits. Further, the Regional Superintendent assures code compliance for temporary/mobile classroom units throughout the region.

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